Dirty Bristow Issue One Sale — now just £2.50 inc p+p

In the run up to issue two (coming late March-ish) we’re dropping the price of issue one direct from us — from £4 posted in the UK to £2.50.

Issue One

Cover by Pete Ashton

Is 64 pages packed with essays, stories, opinion pieces and artwork on the theme of ‘Birth’, wrapped in a gorgeous cover. See more info.

Get a copy now for £ 4 2.50 inc UK p+p

See what artists can do with no ads and no rules.

  • Europe £ 5.50 4.50
  • Worldwide £ 6.50 5.50

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Issue One, now on sale

“Make no mistake, Dirty Bristow is a folly, a fools errand headed by a couple of chancers and dreamers with only the vaguest hope of even breaking even, let alone turning a profit.”

A fools errand headed by a couple of massive fools. But one that’s become a reality. And that’s thanks to our contributors and everyone else who’s helped (they know who they are, but there are lots of them on this page).

Get a copy now for £4 inc UK p+p

‘Little’ Chris Downing of Brumcast has produced a mixtape reacting to the contents. Go Listen.

Mr Underwood illustrated Phil Barber’s article by way of an exclusive track. Go Listen.

The official launch was at our Summer Fête on Saturday 28th August.


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Wanna write?

Fancy doing something for Dirty Bristow, our magazine project for good writing?

Now the piece can be as long as you want and about anything you want. Our only request is that it’s good, if not bloody amazing. Seeing as our mythical standard of ‘good’ is unknown, we advise you use your own judgement on this. This is an opportunity to take risks, to write with brooding and terrible power, or, if the mood strikes, the lightest of whimsy.

Our editorial policy will be the merest of subbing, any major changes and we will ask for a rewrite.

Given that when handed completely free reign to choose what to do, most writers, and creative people in general, seize up. We decided to theme each issue. The first issue appropriately enough is ‘Birth’.

We would very much like to start gathering the work for our first issue so have set an arbitrary deadline of the end of March. Please send your work plus any notes for preference of layout/illustration/diagrams to editorial@dirtybristow.co.uk.

There’s no money involved here, if you write something that gets printed you’ll get a copy of the most beautiful magazine we can expunge from the contributions and an invite to a cracking do.

[we’ve got everything for issue one now, thanks. Watch this space for issue two]

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