You do need these stinking badges

Dirty Bristow doesn’t do adverts, that gives every artist freedom but it means we need your money. Come on, feel smug, be a patron of the arts…

Here’s our first stickers and badges, now available — our “brum literacy set” Stickers are 6.5cm diameter, badges 2.5cm.

Here’s how to buy:

A *random* badge and a sticker £1.25 (inc p+p)

BULK DISCOUNT: All four badges and a sticker £3 (inc p+p)

See the shop.

Or come along to the Summer Fête where they’ll be prizes for all sorts of activities as well as available to buy.

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The T-Shirt ecconomy

Dirty Bristow

You know the score, we eke out a magazine’s print costs by commission on printed to order T-shirts with our witticisms on. Six designs to start with… go buy.

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