Issue Two, Call for Artists And Illustrators

Artists, Illustators…

Time to stand up and be counted, if you would like to contribute to the next issue of the bristow we need a raising of your hand and a link to your work so we can match you up with the correct article.

We know you guys have it in you.

even if you,ve contributed before or already told us in person, please shout up.


Jon & Danny

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Read, Look and Listen — @Brumcast’s mixtape

Not wanting the magazine to tickle only one of your senses (or only two if you’re an ink-sniffer), we asked Chris Downing (Little Chris) of Brumcast (a freely downloadable podcast featuring only DIY & Independent musical talent from Birmingham and the UK Midlands) to curate a mixtape in response to the issue.

Chris had two large tasks, one to keep the contents secret after having read them a month or so before and the other to find music that in some way reflected the contents. But, for the first time I can recall he had the whole history of recorded music to pick from — not just Midlanders:

Birth By Little Chris by Dirty Bristow on Mixcloud

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Cock Art

Mr Underwood illustrated Phil Barber’s article ‘Cock Art’ from Issue One of Dirty Bristow. He did it by way of this exclusive track:

Dirty Bristow by Mr Underwood

He says:

“Reading Phil’s article made me both angry and yet somehow resigned to the outcome. My tune is meant to reflect that, through the balance of driving, relentless repetition and the increasingly gnarly synth noises. The more I read the more I wanted to punch out. Thanks Phil.

As a bonus, the sound in the middle of the tune looks like the image (below), when the spectral frequency is viewed. At the time the article had no title, so I just picked a phrase from it. You will have to imagine what ‘Cock Art’ would’ve sounded like.”

Sound wave with 'Where did you get that idea?' in

by Sam Underwood

In his guise as Glatze, Sam has both an EP out and upcoming gigs, upcoming.

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Brothers — A collaborative illustration

Luke Brown’s short story in issue one of the Bristow is about relationships, about why we spend time with the people we do, and sex and bars. So to illustrate it (along with the production of a special gin cocktail, more of which later) I thought we should do something together. Because you’re my best mates, you are.

Here’s a visualisation of the 300 most used words in the story:
dirty bristow | No ads. No rules.

and I want you to pick words and take photos of things that represent them, while you’re out in bars, pubs and clubs this weekend.

  • Phone snaps are best, don’t worry about the quality.
  • Deliver them to me via Twitpic (or similar) — use the hastag #bristow or @ me (@bounder) so I can find them.
  • Include the word you’re taking a pic of in the tweet
  • Add location too, if you’re sober enough to remember.
  • You’ve got until chucking out time on Sunday 18th July.
  • Do as many as you like, or can…

I’m going to use all the photos in some way to illustrate, so you’ll get a credit, but are giving us permission to use it once (online and in print). Just so you know.

In the words of the late Ron Pickering — away you go.

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