Issue Three — Break

Call for submissions.



verb, broke or ( Archaic ) brake; bro·ken or ( Archaic ) broke; break·ing; noun

–verb (used with object)

1. to smash, split, or divide into parts violently; reduce to pieces or fragments: He broke a vase.
2. to infringe, ignore, or act contrary to (a law, rule, promise, etc.): She broke her promise.
3. to dissolve or annul (often followed by off ): to break off friendly relations with another country.


“If God lived on earth, people would break his windows.”
Jewish Proverb


“One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one’s work is terribly important.”
Bertrand Russell (1872 – 1970), Conquest of Happiness (1930) ch. 5


“Shee-it son, Dirty Bristow magazine is the straight bomb yo”
Martin Luther King Jnr (1929 – 1968)

Issue two is soon to be launched and in all the excitement we are eager not to have to wait so long before we get the next issue out. So put the word out, The Bristow Boys are looking for all the best brain spunk you can offer. We at Bristow believe that most people of a reasonable intelligence have an article or two in them. And as we both associate ourselves daily with very smart people there’s no excuse.

The theme of the next issue is ‘BREAK’ now this could be a holiday story, reminiscing a mental collapse you once had, your penchant for one of the five elements of hip-hop or even the battles you have with the first meal of the day. To be honest, we’re not all that strict with the theme it’s there to jog your brain into taking a fresh breath. If you need any more inspiration check out the extensive definition here of course we not adverse to a bit of wrodplay so brake, beaks and repair are all perfectly cromulant.

Still not sure about writing? Have a look here where we lay out some tips and describe our supportive and painless editorial process. If you want to see some stuff, why not pick up issue one—which is cheap at the mo before issue two comes out.

If words just aint your groove thing and it’s drawing that flicks your switch then despair not, after the words comes the pictures. Watch this space and we’ll be asking for you soon.

As ever we promise to help you produce a piece we all can be proud of, illustrate the living shit out of it and lovingly print it in a magazine that is worth all your hard work.

In a break with our usual tradition of breaking with tradition, we’d like to see first drafts by the traditional Bastille Day —July 14th—although we’re happy to look at ideas or alpha versions before then.

If you’re thinking about getting involved email and if you can, add few words about what you’ll be writing about


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Dirty Bristow Issue One Sale — now just £2.50 inc p+p

In the run up to issue two (coming late March-ish) we’re dropping the price of issue one direct from us — from £4 posted in the UK to £2.50.

Issue One

Cover by Pete Ashton

Is 64 pages packed with essays, stories, opinion pieces and artwork on the theme of ‘Birth’, wrapped in a gorgeous cover. See more info.

Get a copy now for £ 4 2.50 inc UK p+p

See what artists can do with no ads and no rules.

  • Europe £ 5.50 4.50
  • Worldwide £ 6.50 5.50

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Introducing Dirty Bristow Radio

As a magazine, Dirty Bristow works backwards—content then layout, structure, size. It works as a way to give the most freedom to let creators create, the magazine acts as a framework, encouragement, as a gallery. And we thought, can that work for another medium?

And so, Dirty Bristow Radio is about to launch.

It won’t have a studio, it won’t be having adverts, or jingles, or trailers, or playlists. It won’t be 24/7, or even 1/7 necessarily. When it’s on it will be good, and when it isn’t good it won’t be on.

We’re now looking for radio creators, who can pretty much get on with the whole business of making the sounds for themselves. Dirty Bristow Radio will handle the streaming, host your podcast versions, and like the magazine help and encourage if needed. There’s no commitment to regularity or series, if you’ve got a show, we can find a time and it can happen.

If you’re not doing live, or not playing the best music in the universe, or not breaking the boundaries you’re no better than a Spotify Playlist. But if it’s great, you can be in. And it can be on.

We’ve a few ideas for people we want, and have a few ideas for shows ourselves. But we needs you. We’re not after anything you can hear anywhere else, bust the mould, break the format. Go live from places you shouldn’t, make art or comedy, make both. Together, with a white-hot dubstep soundtrack. Like the mag, once you’re in you’ve got full creative control.

We’re sorting out the tech, it’s time for you to shout up if you want to be part of it. Drop us an email at

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Other magazines are available

While you wait for your next fix of Bristow (on the way, March-ish) you might be looking for similarly fucking wonderful publications.

Magazero is the place to look. Alongside selling Dirty Bristow, of course, it has hundreds of quality independantly produced mags from around the world:

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“Magazero aims to bring you not just the same old favourites but to ferret out magazines from around the world and make them available. This makes me an importer, I locate greatness and bring it home and make it available to anyone. It’s a complicated business but endlessly satisfying.

There is nothing quite like a magazine. Anticipation. Variety. Presence. Drama. Attitude. The independent magazine sector is vibrant worldwide, despite the onrush of internet publications. “

Damm right.

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A charity appeal…

Please think of the words, pledge to

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