Stalls to the lot of yer

We’ve had a busy day with hammers, paint and elastic building the stalls and attractions for Saturday’s fête. We’ve built Splat the Rat, and Dirty Eric’s Dart-o-rama:

Board, cards, darts

Four darts, winner scores the best three-card brag hand…

And we had a go at Teddy Bear Bungee:

Not the most elegant, but we’ll get there. Video features Graham Bear, who has been my only friend since I was 14.

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Teddy Bear Bungee

Bring your favourite bear to the Summer Fête on the 28th of August, where for the tiny sum of 5op he can experience the unfettered thrill of bungee jumping.

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You do need these stinking badges

Dirty Bristow doesn’t do adverts, that gives every artist freedom but it means we need your money. Come on, feel smug, be a patron of the arts…

Here’s our first stickers and badges, now available — our “brum literacy set” Stickers are 6.5cm diameter, badges 2.5cm.

Here’s how to buy:

A *random* badge and a sticker £1.25 (inc p+p)

BULK DISCOUNT: All four badges and a sticker £3 (inc p+p)

See the shop.

Or come along to the Summer Fête where they’ll be prizes for all sorts of activities as well as available to buy.

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8-Bit Ninjas — see them at the Dirty Bristow Summer Fete

Nothing is more British-Summer than an altercation while waiting for the last bus home. So enjoy this track from 8 Bit Ninjas, and got get your tickets to see them live as part of the Dirty Bristow Summer Fête.

8-Bit Ninjas – Fight in a Bus Stop by crazygibbon

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Summer Fete — Vegetable Competition

Gourd Row

No village gathering is complete without a chance to show off the size of your spuds, or the shape of your marrows. In keeping with tradition visitors to the Dirty Bristow Summer Fête can bring their legumes, tubers and other classes of veg or fruit to be judged for the grand prize.

Entries will be judged on size, quality* and presentation — feel free to dress them up, or construct carrot dioramas representing famous historical events. See for example this scene depicting Thor Heyerdahl arriving at Tuamotu Archipelago on the Kon-Tiki:

carrot people + tiki roots

Just look at his big carroty member.

Dirty Bristow Summer Fête

Sat 28th August from 6pm ’til Late
At The Edge, Cheapside, Digbeth.
Tickets £5

Tickets will appear in your shopping basket, right >
Which Includes A Copy Of  Dirty Bristow Magazine Issue One

*well, we’ve no experience in this so as long as they look nice. We’re also not sure how you would make sure that they were home grown, so there’s not much stopping you popping to Lidil on the day of the fête.


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