Two Kings good, Four Kings better—come to the Four Kings Hard Quiz

The Four Kings Hard Quiz (next Saturday ,13th) needs four kings to preside over the most difficult pub quiz that you’ll ever encounter. Only a king has the gravitas to ask questions that would test the wisdom of Solomon (who was a king too, we think). But what kings are worthy? Whom amongst them has the subject experience to really test you?

Well, ape-God King Kong certainly does, the simian with giantism will test you on the natural world. And Elvis Aaron Presley, the King of Rock and Roll will hold your drunken heart effortlessly and quiz you on all things culture. But that’s two‚ what subjects and regal presence is enough for this finest of quizzes? We can only ask for your help—help to help us decide:
  • Will Ashley Giles, the King of Spain test you on sport, clad in his whites and holding a thick piece of willow to punish mistakes?
  • Shall we summon King Arthur, from under Glastonbury’s ancient soil to ask questions on myths, legends and soil conditions in the West Country?
  • Is Michael Jackson, self-appointed King of Pop available? Does he know anything?
  • Will seventies anarchists King Mob send a representative to threaten violent revolution, and ask questions about 50s literature?
  • There’s no doubt that the omnipresent King of Kings will be in attendance, but does the all-knowing all-seeing know enough?
  • Can we offend the memory of Martin Luther King by getting someone to him to ask you questions about guns and local underpass mosaics?
  • Will a rush of blood to the head mean King Dong can function as quizmaster?
  • Is there enough milage in slap-bass to let Mark King out of Level 42 loose on the questions?
  • And would you want the booze after Kinga from Big Brother has had her *hands* on it?
King Cnut

Come to the Four Kings Hard Quiz and win your weight in booze.

At The Old Royal, Corner of Church Street, and Cornwall Street, Birmingham City Centre.

Four King Hard Quiz Sat 13th Nov from 8pm 'til Late

It’s the most difficult pub quiz you’ve even attended — and every penny raised goes towards printing and other costs of this most individual, independent and inspiring of magazines.

It’s a quiz so hard, that you’re allowed to cheat. It’s a test of your logic, your search powers and your network as much as your general knowledge. Bring mobiles, laptops, dongles, encyclopedias, get a phone-a-friend poised… you’ll need them.


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  1. FionaC says:

    Evelyn “Champagne” King could do a music bonus round?

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