Issue One, now on sale

“Make no mistake, Dirty Bristow is a folly, a fools errand headed by a couple of chancers and dreamers with only the vaguest hope of even breaking even, let alone turning a profit.”

A fools errand headed by a couple of massive fools. But one that’s become a reality. And that’s thanks to our contributors and everyone else who’s helped (they know who they are, but there are lots of them on this page).

Get a copy now for £4 inc UK p+p

‘Little’ Chris Downing of Brumcast has produced a mixtape reacting to the contents. Go Listen.

Mr Underwood illustrated Phil Barber’s article by way of an exclusive track. Go Listen.

The official launch was at our Summer Fête on Saturday 28th August.


3 birds swooping


  1. Sorry I missed the Summer Fête – how can us tax exiles in foreign climes get our mitts on the goods?

  2. Jon Bounds says:

    Happy to post you one — just checked on Royal Mail site and it’ll cost £1.98 to post to the EU. If you’re ok to pay £5.50 for a copy then it can be with you in a couple of days…

    In fact have just popped the paypal button on the page in case ;)

  3. will bung ackers via PayPay as soon as I make any – keep a copy for me your mayorship

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